Monday, July 28, 2014

White Choices


The hardest challenge that we've encounter when we took this shoot is that we couldn't find a perfect lighting. It's hard to take photos during a gloomy day but as you can see we didn't give up. We tried shooting at different places but we still couldn't find a permanent place to shoot. Well, at least we had taken 10 great shots out of like 30+ photos but only posted seven because the other three looks a little weird LOL. I also tried two different comfy white shoes because I like them both and I can't choose!  Maybe you could help me choose? Which one do you think is better? The sandals or the flats? 

Mango longsleeves, Djourshop skirt, Scene Stealer Sandals, Payless flats, Terranova accessories

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Black Out

Experienced three days back-to-back black out last week before and after the typhoon that happened lately here in Manila. It was a totally bummer week without internet connection and TV cable. All I did was read and play card games with my family. 

We've taken these shots last Sunday when we attended The Feast. It took few days for me to post this because I still had to edit the photos + we lost our internet connection for a week. 

Anyway, I bet you're not surprised with my black & white get up anymore. I'm totally obsessed with how classy it looks and how it makes me look taller than I really am. I'm actually planning to make this blog focus on monochrome looks only to make everything uniform and unique. But I'm still thinking about it because of course, I'd still love to explore different kinds of style that I can share to you. So what do you think? Should I focus my blog with monochrome looks only or try to explore more? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

 Bershka trousers, Forever 21 Crop Tee and Boots, Terranova accessories